At Dratha Creations, we also offer sound, light, and DJ services to make your event memorable. We cater to everything from weddings and concerts to corporate events; we promise “event perfection” and demonstrate our passion for quality and design at any event. We specialize in all areas of event lighting, sound, and projection, including LED lighting, moving heads, concert lights, line arrays, and menus. Our lighting, audio, and video experts team have the technical and creative skills to help you create unique events and turn moments into memories. Transform your venue, dance floors, and a photo booth with decorative lighting and sound equipment rentals so you and your guests can discuss the amazing elements of your wedding for years to come.


The demands to put a musical stamp on the event have increased over the years. Some guests like the orchestra’s live performances, which also like to influence their songs. This detail will be very interesting for the customer, who will also enjoy the music. Some customers prefer to have an orchestra so they can play the music of their choice and enjoy the event. Since a wedding is a unique event, couples want to make it memorable for their guests and themselves. Therefore, these distractions make the job very interesting and, at the same time, interesting. At Dratha Creations, we also offer orchestra to meet the demands of our customers. We have a large network of orchestras that can be arranged for weddings, campaigns, and other corporate events.