Haldi Décor

In an Indian wedding, all the excitement begins with the Haldi ceremony. It is not only an important ritual for Indian cultural weddings but also a new beginning of an exciting journey for new couples. This is a kind of pre-wedding ritual, which is why people treat it as an important day. In the canopy for the Haldi ceremony, all the families and relatives of the bride and groom gather at Haldi’sMandap and apply turmeric paste on the bride and groom’s face and body. In India, turmeric is considered a promising ingredient, and the use of Haldi is a kind of blessing ritual. Nowadays, people have begun to put a lot of emphasis on stage decorations in the style of Haldiby hiring Wedding planners in Bangalore. So if you are also looking for dazzled Haldi feature looks, contact Dratha Creations now and make your haldi party more fun with beautiful haldi fittings.