At Dratha Creations, we also offer sound, light, and DJ services to make your event memorable. We cater to everything from weddings and concerts to corporate events; we promise “event perfection” and demonstrate our passion for quality and design at any event. We specialize in all areas of event lighting, sound, and projection, including LED lighting, moving heads, concert lights, line arrays, and menus. Our lighting, audio, and video experts team have the technical and creative skills to help you create unique events and turn moments into memories. Transform your venue, dance floors, and a photo booth with decorative lighting and sound equipment rentals so you and your guests can discuss the amazing elements of your wedding for years to come.


Our goal is to provide our customers with quality entertainment with a rich library of music and the latest equipment. We have approached many hosts over the years and know how to draw an audience to all kinds of events. When hosting an event for your colleagues and family, appoint our DJ who can support everyone with music and dance to enliven the audience. For many, Dratha Creations DJs are a reliable choice for weddings, parties, and many other events. We strive to satisfy our customers, so we will work closely with you. We always strive to understand your requirements and plan appropriately.