About Dratha Creations

Every girl dreams of a day that will change her life. About the day when she will be the most beautiful princess. About the day when she will wear that long-awaited red or pink dress. A wedding is the most important event in the life of a girl. Each of them dreams of an elegant, luxurious, and most importantly, perfect wedding. Today, a wedding is not only about choosing a dress and a restaurant but a large number of essential little things: the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere, props for the photo zone, decorations, transportation, and exclusive invitations. But now you don’t have to worry about anything; Dratha Creations, one of the Best wedding planners in Bangalore, is here to make A to Z wedding arrangements for you.

For our Wedding planners in Bangalore, every wedding is a book that we write together with our newlyweds. A book that is filled with joy, emotions, and feelings. The clients of our agency are people who want a holiday that will forever remain in their hearts. They don’t just want an unusual celebration; they want the best. Our clients are not afraid to experiment. They are ready for the most daring and creative ideas. Our agency “Dratha Creations” helps to make their fantasies come true.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the top wedding planning websites with expertise in creating such unique and endlessly romantic weddings that our newlyweds are proud to call not only the most extraordinary event they have ever had but also the perfect start to their married life.

Our mission

The wedding agency “Dratha Creations” mission is “To create a world of bright colors and romantic hopes for a day or for several hours, in which you will be the masters!”. Our mission is to be our clients’ prime and trustworthy partner in preparing and arranging weddings to make them happy and relieve their stress.

Our Principles

Around the clock- We are ready to answer any of your questions, advise on the project, consider your proposals and assist in resolving any difficult situation around the clock. We live our work.

Qualitatively- The joy and smiles of our customers make us happy. You can be sure that your wedding will take place in the best possible way because we approach even the smallest event with maximum responsibility.

Rational- The rational use of our capabilities and all the necessary resources allows us to implement any project at a high level in the shortest possible time and justified funds

Original- Our creative team will develop a separate concept for your event and take care of every detail and trifle so that your wedding is sustained in a single unique style. You will get an unforgettable event and a lot of pleasant memories.

Professionally- We are proud of our team. Many years of experience in successfully implementing events, diplomas, and gratitude from our customers allow us to proudly call ourselves a team of professionals – Dratha Creations.

Our team

Dratha Creations, one of the leading wedding planning websites india, is a partnership of know-how of a team of people in which each member is passionate about their field, which makes your events extraordinary. Like our colleagues, we know how to organize, budget, plan, and carry out. The additional skill of our team is the artistic eye which is the DNA of our agency. This look will be imbued with dimmed lights for a cozy reception or put a spotlight on the image of your event.

Our team accompanies you throughout your wedding event. From the marriage proposal to the realization of your beautiful day, through your commitment ceremony, entrust us with all the stages of your wedding!